Massage Therapy For Teenagers – Where To Begin

You may come home one day to someone that you no longer recognize as your child. Of course not, she is no longer a child. She may not be an adult yet either. She is somewhere in between and that is exactly how she may feel at this time. Are you looking for an experience that may help your teen during this time of transition? Massage Therapy for Teenagers can help with growing pains, body image, and learning to feel comfortable in one’s body. Plus, it offers a welcomed break from poor posture during school and many hours of gaming or computer time.

There are several massage therapy choices for teenagers. Like so many things that we explore in life, there are different levels of massage that are appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced clients. This article presents different modes of massage therapy that are commonly available for teenagers. Some may be received while fully clothed or combined with an oil massage.

Chair Massage provides a great introduction to the benefits of Massage Therapy for Teenagers without concerns for modesty. A teen’s first visit to a massage therapist may be awkward (like most things at this time of life), so the chair massage is a perfect place to start. A 15- to 30-minute session for an anxious teenager should be enough to let him know that he can trust the therapist.

CranioSacral Therapy has been 유성 안마 proven to be beneficial in treating autism and learning difficulties. This technique must be experienced to be fully appreciated. The therapist uses a very light touch to release tissue restrictions affecting the vertebrae or cranial bones (in the head). CST is especially useful with special-needs clients of all sorts. If the condition resulted from birth or another trauma, such as a fall, CranioSacral Therapy may help to manage symptoms or, in some cases, completely reverse the condition.

Neuromuscular ReEducation helps to release chronic holding patterns caused by stress. This technique uses a gentle, repetitive rocking motion for each area of the body. We all have stress holding patterns, like the shoulder that rises toward the ear when stressed. NMR allows the client to “let go” of that pattern and find a better way to move in ease.

Thai Massage combines Acupressure and gentle, passive, Yoga-like stretching. It is received while on a special mat on the floor. Your teen can enjoy Thai Massage as a means to enhance sports training, both pre- and post-event.

Once comfortable with a therapist, your teen may be ready to try an oil massage. Swedish Massage is very popular with teenagers. This technique is relaxing and helps to ease symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.