Keeping Quiet After a Car Accident – 4 Things NOT to Say Following a Car Accident

Often times, car accidents occur so quickly and unexpectedly that you may be shaken up, or even in shock. This anxiety can lead you to say things that can seriously damage your ability to receive compensation for both property damage and personal injuries in.

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After the accident is over, you start wondering if you could have done something to prevent the car wreck. Human nature leads many people to think about anything they may have done to contribute to the accident, even if in reality the accident was not their fault. However, a word of warning: DON’T make those types of statements to the police or insurance adjusters.

We are certainly not advocating that you lie. However, you don’t necessarily have to volunteer information that Best auto accident attorneys nashville may in fact be irrelevant to the case. If you volunteer this information to the Police, it will likely end up in the police report, and this information WILL be used against you to diminish or eliminate compensation in your case, even if the information is irrelevant to the actual cause of the accident. Likewise, an insurance claims specialist (sometimes referred to as an “adjuster”) will use this information in an attempt to shift blame, even if only partially, to you, and thereby diminish the value of your claim, if not eliminate your recovery all together. If you have information that you believe did not cause the accident but could be wrongly used against you, then you should consult with an experienced car accident lawyer first.

Here are four examples of facts that may or may not be relevant to your car accident case, and that you shouldn’t volunteer to an officer or insurance adjuster: