Classic RPG Games Review – Final Fantasy 8

I will survey one of my number one exemplary RPG game, Last Dream 8. Continue to peruse…


The tale of FF 8 isn’t excessively convoluted like others RPG games like Xenogears and Chrono Cross. You play as Gust Leonheart, a gathering head of future soldiers of fortune who has mission to stop an old sorceress and save the world from obliteration. Sadly, the story doesn’t foster well.

Everything revolves around adoration

The romantic tale among Gust and Rhinoa is exceptionally popular, it very well may be the fundamental story of FF 8.

FF 8 Characters

*Gust Leonheart

An exceptionally attractive 17 years of age kid. He is withdrawn individual and just thinks often about himself.

*Rhinoa Generously

In the event that Rhinoa was a genuine individual, she could be the prettiest young lady of all time!!

*Quistis Trepe

She is a confounded young lady and it appears to be that she likewise cherishes Gust.

*Zell Dincht

Gust’s absolute closest 바카라사이트 companion. Sadly, he is a fretful individual.

*Selphie Tilmitt

A moved understudy who generally looks cheerful. She has a charming face and entertaining unusual hair.

*Irvine Kinneas

A cool cowpoke with cool weapon. In any case, reality, he is more fragile than he looks.

Ongoing interaction

*The fight arrangement of this game is extremely interesting. Dissimilar to FF 7, you never again can get cash in the wake of overcoming beast, yet you can land it from your position. The most intriguing of this game is you can gather a few major animals called Gatekeeper Power (GF). They will help you a ton in overcoming beasts and supervisors in this game. There are so much GF in FF 8 world, it requires hours if you need to gather all of the Gatekeeper Power.

*No defensive layer you can view as along the game. Furthermore, you should redesign your weapon occasionally.

*Each character has no extraordinary enchantment since wizardry is a thing in this game. However, you can get sorcery by taking it from the adversaries.

*Intersection framework

You can add specific enchantments to your weapon, (for example, firaga). It is a lot simpler to beat the game on the off chance that you know how to dominate this framework.

*The most grounded supervisor in past series, Ultima Weapon, likewise shows up in this game. Ensure you have arrived at level 100 if you have any desire to battle this chief.